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Reliance - Paul McMurrough

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The Quickening - Rhiannon Ward

This is not my normal sort of read, however, I really enjoyed it. Normally anything gothic or with a hint of ghosts is not my thing.
This story was written so well and gripped you and drew you in. There was such a clear description of the house, the people and also the grounds. I really wanted this story to carry on and on. I am glad the story ended how it did. Given a full all round story. 
I cannot wait to read more around this sort of genre.

The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance - Lali A. Love

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As she travelled through higher dimensions, Jo noticed narrow tubes of energy that stretched across the entire length of the ever-expanding universe. These thin regions of cosmic strings presented themselves in loops with no ends. Since Jo had transformed into her ethereal light vessel, it allowed her to move through these strings as it bent the space-time continuum. These hidden dimensions were tightly wound using elementary particles, providing a cosmic superstring gravity wave energy that stretched across the vast distances of the universe. Fluctuating between space and time, Jo had been guided by the Galactic Medallion used as a cosmic compass back to the Pleiades, to meet with the Council of Creation. This dimension was deemed to emulate heaven as humans would have described it on Earth. It was the headquarters for the Divine Source, unified field of consciousness, where the Soul would journey before their experience and incarnation on planet Earth. Much like a movie proj…

Nowhere to be Found - Louisa de Lange

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I was asked if I would like to be part of this book tour. It sounded amazing so of course, I said yes.
This book gripped me and drew me in right from the start. I wanted to know more and more as the book went on. There were twists ans turns that I didn't see coming. Some shocking some not so much. 
I really enjoyed this book, the characters and descriptions of locations were brilliant. I could imagine what it would look like if I was standing there myself.
Looking forward to more from this author

Midsummer Dream - Ian Riddle

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The Captain, lying in his soft, down bed snores contentedly; his wife in unison. Yesterday was a long, hard day for them both and there’s another one about to follow. The coming one will be particularly hard, for it’s the one day of the week when The Captain accepts a coach party into his restaurant at lunchtime. In this case, it’s yours, for the coming day is the highlight of your trip to Cornwall, a day in Treddoch Harbour.  You’ll enjoy the experience, I’m sure though The Captain will be glad when it’s over. Catering for over forty people, all at the same time is hard work. It’s not that The Captain dislikes hard work, it’s rather that he dislikes the meagre profit that he gets for this particular piece of work.  
It’s also a time of dreams, this Season, certainly a time when dreams stand the best chance of being fulfilled, for it’s the time of year when the flow of money into the coffers is at full flood. Come the winter, the supply will be all but cut off as the source drie…

Dirty Dealings - Gillian Godden

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A NIGHT TO REMEMBER‘What the hell are you doing? Get off me!’ Shocked horror filled her. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Only a few minutes ago they were laughing and talking. Now, leaning forward, he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her down to the floor to her knees. He kicked her backwards with his steel toe-capped boot, which made her cry out in pain as she fell on to the concrete floor. Her head was pounding from hitting the hard surface. It was covered in plastic, which had made it even easier for her to slip on. She felt dazed. Her head was swimming, but adrenalin and panic drove her on. Pouncing upon her and straddling her, his leering face loomed only away inches from her own. Reaching up, she scratched his face with her long nails. They dug deep into his cheeks and drew blood. She was struggling and doing her best to fighthim off.He grabbed her jaw with his large, rough builder’s hands and squeezed hard. As he shouted at her spit flew out of his mout…

The Night Swim - Megan Goldin

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1HannahIt was Jenny’s death that killed my mother. Killed her as good as if she’d been shot in the chest with a twelve-gauge shotgun. The doctor said it was the cancer. But I saw the will to live drain out of her the moment the policeman knocked on our screen door.“It’s Jenny, isn’t it?” Mom rasped, clutching the lapel of her faded dressing gown.“Ma’am, I don’t know how to tell you other than to say it straight.” The policeman spoke in the low-pitched melancholic tone he’d used moments earlier when he’d pulled up and told me to wait in the patrol car as its siren lights painted our house streaks of red and blue.Despite his request, I’d slipped out of the back seat and rushed to Mom’s side as she turned on the front porch light and stepped onto the stoop, dazed from being woken late at night. I hugged her withered waist as he told her what he had to say. Her body shuddered at each word.His jaw was tight under strawberry blond stubble and his light eyes were watery by the time h…