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The Summer Job - Lizzy Dent

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The Puritan Princess - Miranda Malins

Buy Here PROLOGUE  30 JANUARY 1661 We stand together, shoulder to shoulder, skirt to skirt, like a chain of paper dolls, come to see our father’s execution. Our hoods are pulled low over our faces although, in truth, few in the crowd would recognise us without our finery: we grace no coins, no medals or prints, and it is hardly likely any of them would have seen our portraits hanging, as they had, in the palaces of Whitehall and Hampton Court.  A frosted blast of wind whips around my cloak and sends the three nooses hanging from the gallows before me swinging as if the condemned men already danced their deaths. I stare at the gibbet in blank horror. It is a terrible thing, vast and three-sided like a triangle, designed, Father once told me, to hold twenty-four souls at a time.  ‘Why did it have to be here?’ I speak sideways to my sisters. It is somehow worse, much worse, that this is happening at Tyburn, the dirty, eerie crossroads outside London where they hang common felons: highwaym

The Island - C.L. Taylor

Buy Here   When I first started this book I felt like it was very much on the YA radar, however as the story progressed I got more and more involved in the story and characters.   The story kept me guessing all along the way through, The 2 main characters  whose chapters are from their point of views, although very separate and different from another as part of the same group.    There is so much that happens I dont want to give it away but perfect read for a weekend on a cold wet day, it takes you away to an exotic island that you wish y ou were on, until it starts to go wrong....... 

Happy Dog Days at the Pug Cafe - Anushka Fernando

                                                                              Buy Here  “Those are liquid-brown eyes I could fall into, my son,” she said. “I’m certain it won’t be long until you choose your human.” Me, choosing someone myself? That would be a fine thing. I’d be lucky to get any home of my own at this rate. “You’re doing nothing wrong,” soothed Mamma. “You’re a special pug who’ll make a special pet. You’re just waiting for The One.”   “But how will I know what The One looks like?” I persisted.   Mamma licked my ears as she thought for a moment. I guessed she was glad I was still here as she pondered her answer. “They’ll smell the best,” she whispered. “But remember, when you’ve finally found them, what you need to do?”   “Discover my Puggy Purpose, Mamma,” I parroted. Just as she made us say every night before we went to sleep.   Discovering our Puggy Purpose is something every pug is taught as soon as we open our eyes. If we know what our purpose as a pet is, w

Reliance - Paul McMurrough

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The Quickening - Rhiannon Ward

 This is not my normal sort of read, however, I really enjoyed it. Normally anything gothic or with a hint of ghosts is not my thing. This story was written so well and gripped you and drew you in. There was such a clear description of the house, the people and also the grounds. I really wanted this story to carry on and on. I am glad the story ended how it did. Given a full all round story.  I cannot wait to read more around this sort of genre. 

The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance - Lali A. Love

Buy Here As she travelled through higher dimensions, Jo noticed narrow tubes of energy that stretched across the entire length of the ever-expanding universe. These thin regions of cosmic strings presented themselves in loops with no ends. Since Jo had transformed into her ethereal light vessel, it allowed her to move through these strings as it bent the space-time continuum. These hidden dimensions were tightly wound using elementary particles, providing a cosmic superstring gravity wave energy that stretched across the vast distances of the universe. Fluctuating between space and time, Jo had been guided by the Galactic Medallion used as a cosmic compass back to the Pleiades, to meet with the Council of Creation. This dimension was deemed to emulate heaven as humans would have described it on Earth. It was the headquarters for the Divine Source, unified field of consciousness, where the Soul would journey before their experience and incarnation on planet Earth. Much like a movie