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The Night Swim - Megan Goldin

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The Twins of Auschwitz - Eva Mozes Kor

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I have always been fascinated bu Auschwitz, and when this book came about to be on a blog tour. I said yes, as I didn't know much about the twins. 
I did enjoy this book and found it a good read, I just couldn't help but want more. I wanted to know about the camp, what it was actually like for the twins. If there were any twins that really stood out to them while they were there. 
The situation is truly horrible, and my heart went out to them on every level.  I fell the pain of the experiments that were being done on them. I couldn't help but worry about them. 
This book is very well written and very elegant, it makes it an 'easy' read in the sense that you can get stuck in very quickly.   I wanted it to carry on for just a little bit longer, I could see the percentage going up on my kindle and getting sad for it to finish. 
I am so glad that they were okay and able to come out of  a horrible situation to have people there for them. To see that she was able to m…

The Tuscan Contessa - Dinah Jefferies

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Having previously read and loved Dinah Jefferies and I couldn't wait to get stuck into this one. This one is a different from her normal type of novel but it is equally as good.

I was gripped from the first page and found it very hard to put down. 
 If you weren't wanting a holiday before, you will after reading this.  Several locations in Italy are featured including Rome, Florence and Tuscany. Having not been to some of these locations Dinah did a brilliant job at creating the visions, I could see myself there along side the characters as I was reading.

 No one knows who to trust, even family are questioning family. This makes you question how well you know your own family. 

This story is a question of hardship and love, and the trials and tribulations it goes through. 

Who can you trust?

Megan Goldin - Q and A

1. Your previous novel, The Escape Room, was set in the world of Wall Street high stakes investment banking. How did you decide to set your next book in a seaside resort community?  
For me, part of the pleasure of writing is to explore characters, places, issues and even writing styles. When I finished writing The Escape Room, I was interested in expanding my horizons as a writer rather than embarking on a new novel that would  tread similar ground to The Escape Room. I'd been reading about several sexual assault cases going through the courts and I was interested in exploring some of the issues in my fiction. Not just about sexual assault itself but about the judicial process and the effects of it on families. As for my choice of location, my process is that I sit down and start writing, and let the story unravel in a very organic way. So when I started writing The Night Swim, the setting sort of chose itself! 
2. Rachel, the main character in The Night Swim, hosts a true crime po…

The Honey and the Sting - E C Fremantle

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The girl appears to float in the low brume. Her skin is transparent. Veins tick in her temples, mysterious as the workings of an opened clock. Oblivious to her sister watching from the fence, she gazes entranced at her hands, which are blanketed in something dark and moving. An anxious crevice forms between the sister’s moth eyes. Instinct, a twist in her gut, tells her to bolt, to run back to the house and slam the door, to throw herself into the solid embrace of her father. She can imagine the rough wool kiss of his jacket against her cheek, the safe squeeze of his arms. But her father isn’t there. He left before dawn, with the groom, to visit a patient. She had heard, through a haze of half-sleep, the hollow timpani of the horses’ hoofs on the cobbles. When he is absent, she feels a desperate emptiness, as if he might never return and she will be left to care for her sisters alone, adrift in a world she does not yet fully comprehend. Her father’s voice is in her head – Meli…

One White Lie - Leah Konen

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ONE P eople have all sorts of ideas about what they’d do if it happened to them. They’d tell their friends. They’d make that call. They’d leave. They certainly wouldn’t continue on like normal, banging out personal essays or temping at whatever online mag needed a freelance editor for the day.  They’d tell their family (assuming they still had family in their lives to tell), they’d keep themselves busy (pottery class! political campaigns! yoga!). They’d heal, and they’d move on, and they’d rebuild their lives. That’s what I’d always thought, too. The exit for Woodstock, New York, came into view, my eyes fl itting nervously to the rearview mirror as I quickly pulled off the ramp.  Suddenly, I was in the country, pastures and horses, run- down schoolhouses, abandoned barns, and bucolic churches sprinkled over the landscape: Rural Mad Libs. I found Shadow Creek Road at the end of a particularly snakelike stretch. I turned, so eager to get out of the car and get to step two of this…

Jigsaw Island - Lynne McVernon

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ONE ANNIE – Harkin Croft, Kilachlan, Scotland ‘You broke his nose, Jude.’ ‘I know.’ He gives me such a wicked look of triumph I nearly let go. But I conjure myself a whiff of mindfulness and go on. ‘OK, I’m struggling to know how I can help you. Give me a heads up.’ ‘Get off my case, Mum.’ ‘Come on, you know the rules. One, talk about your issues honestly. Two, give other people the respect you expect yourself.’ ‘Yeah, right. How about three?’ ‘What’s three?’ I’m sensing an adolescent 180° slew. ‘Get off my fu –’ He’s slewed too far. My cue to be a traditional parent. ‘Hold it right there, buster. I’ll tell you what three is. Three is what you’d say if Maggie was in the room.’ His face twists, his voice is low. ‘That’s no’ fair. Using Maggie.’ Just turned thirteen, he’s learnt boys don’t cry, especially not mixed-race boys in small Scottish coastal towns. Even to their mothers. He’s also right. I am out of order. Two years on, both of us still feel the pain of losing Maggie. Just thin…